Live Demo

PC remote access

To view the live demo, please go to Tools → Options → Security in your I.E browser, and do the following settings:

  1. Add the demo sites, and, as trusted web site.
  2. Set the (https:) server verification for all sites in this zone as "unchecked".

After the related setting in your browser, please close all your browser windows and restart I.E browser to connect to the demo sites.


>> Click the below picture to enter live demo.

**Apply default User name and Password to login. No need to change any login data.



For operating manual, brochure, updated firmware, please link to our ftp site for related download.

This ftp site is only for supporting our distributors/customers, you will need ID and P/W to login to the ftp site. Please contact our sales people if you do not have the login ID and P/W.